وظيفة شاغرة لذى السفارة الألمانية في ليبيا

السفارة الألمانية في ليبيا العاملة حالياً بشكل مؤقت في الجمهورية التونسية تبحث عن موظف لملئ الوظيفة التالية 

Communication Officer (Migration on Social Media

بداية العمل سوف تكون من الأول من فبراير 2020 بعقد يمتد لمدة عام واحد فقط 

شروط ومسؤليات الوظيفة 

Responsibilities : 

• implement strategic communication campaigns of the German Federal Foreign Office concerning Libya

 • work as part of a decentralized “interactive team” of strategic communication officers

 • Social Media Listening and Monitoring o searching for and analyzing Arabic posts concerning migration on social media o identify essential rumors and information needs of current and potential migrants o identify influential figures in the discourse on migration in social media 

• write evaluation reports 

• take part in weekly telephone conferences of the “interactive team” and contribute to the furthering of the communication campaigns

• personalized communication on social media platforms from an embassy account

 • general communication and other tasks related to migration campaigns   

Qualifications : 

• bachelor’s degree communication or a related field 

• excellent knowledge of English and Arabic (German and French would be an asset) 

• Windows Office

 • comprehensive expertise in social media platforms

 • exceptional communication skills, especially relating to the Arab world 

• ability to communicate in a clear, interesting and politically-sensitive manner 

• previous experience in social media listening and monitoring is an asset

Contract conditions

 Contract conditions and compensation are based on the standard employment agreement for non-diplomatic staff at the German Embassy.

 Applicants who are not Tunisian citizens must have a valid residence and working permission.


Please submit applications, including CV, copy of diploma, employment references, and copy of passport by January 15, 2020 to: Attn. : Margit Scheikart 1, Impasse du lac Windermere 1053 TUNIS, Les Berges du Lac 1

 E-Mail :